Samsung Europe Price lowered + Many new services!

Samsung Europe Price lowered + Many new services!

by in updates at February 7, 2015, 5:52 pm

We have some awesome news on Unlock by codes services today!

Today we are happy to officially announce:
1. Samsung Europe has lowered in price with 7.25 euro!
2. Samsung USA is stable and delivery time is around 50 hours
3. NEW Unlock by Codes South America
4. NEW Unlock by codes Mexico
5. NEW Unlock by codes Worldwide (Beta - for Africa, Asia, Russia, Middle-East)
6. NEW Unlock by codes Canada (its back!)
7. NEW Unlock by codes USA MetroPCS (all models)

We can conclude unlock by codes is now fully back in action after New Years with some awesome new services. As always when prices are lowered (we do not control these prices) we will directly pass it on to the best customers in the world; YOU!

All the best,

P.s. Let's also all welcome Alvin, he is our new addition to the support team to help speed up replies. In the first few weeks he'll be learning a lot of new stuff so please take it easy on him, he will do his utmost best to help you as fast as possible.

Let us know what you think!