Merry Christmas! Gift for customers + Gear S unlock

Merry Christmas! Gift for customers + Gear S unlock

by in News at December 23, 2015, 8:17 pm

2015 passed so fast, right?!

We at FlechaMobile Inc (the company behind have had a moving year. Lots of knowledge progress but also various difficult issues to tackle (like our current SEO issue with loosing ranking in Google) and a lot of development on various big projects.

We've created an awesome plan for 2016 to tackle the current problems with our SEO while focussing on improved customer experience. We are also expanding to many other brands with our unlock by codes services with a few new websites and a complete remake of this site.

In the coming time we'll announce more about that as it will bring some big changes.

Free unlock Christmas gift
On to the more important news for your ;), just a few minutes ago we've sent out an email to all our customers with a FREE account that allows everyone free sim unlocking (Unlimited!) until the 27th of December. So if you are one of our regular customers go check your email!

Samsung Galaxy Gear S unlocking
With one of our customers we've been testing out unlocking for the Gear S using unlock codes. Unfortunately non of the services work on the CDMA versions (Sprint, Verizon) but it DOES work on the AT&T version (The SM-R750A).

To unlock this model you need to use the special Samsung USA AT&T unlock codes service. This service provides the NCK only which is enough for this model.

Important: the unlocking only works for GSM and for international use.

Let us know what you think!